You Still Use IM? is the pilot episode of CJ, Ben, And Sean.


Ben is using an old Instant Messaging service.


Ben is on the household computer using Yahoo! Messenger. CJ comes in and asks why he's using it. Ben replies with "What? It's still usable." CJ tells him about newer chatting services, like Skype, but Ben will not change his mind. CJ, again, tells him it's old, but Ben asks if CJ would rather him use postcards or letters. CJ is stumped by this question. He then hands Ben an AOL CD, jokingly, but Ben takes it seriously and keeps it.

It turns out Ben wasn't actually messaging anyone, but just typing messages into the chatbox and hitting send to random, offline users.

CJ calls him a loser, but Ben replies mentioning the fact that CJ doesn't know basic mathematics, and calls him an idiot. CJ gets offended, and the episode ends with him beating up Ben.


Major Characters

  • CJ
  • Ben

Minor Characters

  • Sean


  • This episode was created in the span of 1 month.


The transcript for You Still Use IM? can be found here.

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