CJ, Ben, And Sean (sometimes shortened to CJ, Ben, & Sean) is an internet-based American animated situational comedy created by Holy Shrimp! Studios. The series debuted on July 30th, 2016 with "2 Minutes!?". The series is about the titular characters living together and getting into many interesting occurrences. The series is currently in its first season.


The series follows CJ Fredward, Ben Heinz, and Sean Holguire, living together as roommates. The series takes place in the fictional city of Albertville, Texas. The series shows a glimpse of what life is like for the 3 roommates, as they get into many interesting and often weird events.


CJ, Ben, And Sean started production in March 2016 when "You Still Use IM?" was started. The series has had many alternate versions over the years, including comics, video games, etc.

The pilot went through "development hell" until finally being made into the episode known today as "You Still Use IM?" Some versions of the pilot include:

  • "The Test" - CJ has to study for a test coming up, but due to his lacking intelligence, he tries an easier route by taking Brain Pills, a medicine made to make you smarter. This leads to CJ becoming an unlikable, pretentious jerk.
  • "The Bookshelf Room" - Sean finds a hidden room behind their bookshelf, and they explore it. Unlike "The Test", the script for this and the following episodes were never fully completed.
  • "The Pet" - Our main characters decide to get a pet, but can't choose what to get.
  • "Get A Job!" - Sean has to get a job in order to pay rent, but he can't find anyone to hire him.
  • "Bad Hair Day" - CJ, doing his normal everyday routine of washing his hair, realizes his hair isn't like normal. This episode is more of a short.


Production of an episode usually starts 2 months before the episode's air date. At the beginning of production, Chris comes up with ideas for the episode (not counting season 1). After the idea is thought up with, the script is started. Scripts are written within 1-2 weeks.

After the script is written, the vocal track is recorded and edited in Fruity Loops Studio. The vocal track editing process takes about 2-5 hours. After the vocal track is finished, the storyboarding process begins. The storyboards are made in Adobe Flash and take about a day to make. Once the storyboards are produced, the animation process begins.

Animation takes about 1-2 months, depending on the length. Episodes are animated at 12 frames per second (half the speed of normal NTSC animation) in Adobe Flash, using the storyboards as a base for how each frame will look.

After the animation is completed, sound effects and music are added. Once that is complete, special effects are added in Adobe After Effects (if needed) the episode is rendered, and put on YouTube on the stated air date.


Season 1 is planned to have 10 episodes.



Episode Title Airdate
1x01 2 Minutes!? 7/30/16
1x02 The Itch 1/??/17
1x03 Money 2/07/17
1x04 The Fourth 4/??/17
1x05 Are You Afraid of The Dark?...ness? 6/??/17
1x06 Canned 7/??/17
1x07 3 Men And A Robot 10/??/17
1x08 The Great Beyond 12/15/17
1x09 New Year's Special (Obviously) 1/1/18
1x10 Out With The Old, In With The

New (Season Finale)


Each season will consist of the same episode amount unless stated otherwise.

Voice Actors

The voice actors for the main 3 characters are:

  • CJ - Chris Frewerd
  • Ben - Mitchell Bauer
  • Sean - Chris Frewerd
  • Quinn - AutumnPupper

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